The Poor Health Care System In Nigeria is of major concern to APN

As a party, We have painstakingly Xrayed the health sector in Nigeria and have seen clearly the ugly inadequacies plaguing the system, a phenomena characteristic of third-world countries.

For years, There has been several deliberations at policy-making meetings at both the local, state and federal government levels over the pitiable state of our health sector yet no improvement in sight. This has also been the subject of discussions at global platforms like the World Health organisations, United Nations and international donor agencies.

The cause of worry doesn’t only stem from the fact that third-world countries such as Nigeria, struggle with providing their citizens with basic functioning health care systems. In addition, it is the endemic corruption and mismanagement of funds in these areas that calls for great concern.

Successive governments in Nigeria have failed to provide access to quality health care to millions of Nigerians. They have been groping in the dark with regards to policy formulation and measures that will facilitate Health sector reforms in the country. As a result, our health care system is weak, hospitals are dilapidated, drugs and Medical equipment are grossly insufficient, Personnel are incompetent, and funding is inadequate.

Nigeria presently ranks 187 out of 190 countries of WHO’s assessment of World Health systems. HIV prevalence is still a major concern as an estimated three million people plus are still living with the virus in Nigeria. Nigeria records approximately 51 million cases and 207,000 deaths from Malaria annually thus making it the country with the world’s greatest malaria burden. Maternal mortality rate is still very high as the recent statistics released by international agencies puts Nigeria’s maternal mortality rate at 58,000 in 2015.

Total expenditure in the health care sector amounts to about 4.6% of GDP while the country tops the chart in Health Tourism with over $1Billion lost annually to Health Tourism. These figures are mind boggling and speak volumes about the deplorable condition of our health care system in Nigeria.

There is need to provide a credible alternative solution to Nigeria’s health care challenges. At The Alternative Party of Nigeria, we believe that we need a healthy population to achieve growth and development. We need a healthy work force to serve as the engine room of our country hence we shall take the following steps:

(A) Ensure access to qualitative and affordable health care facilities for our people.
(B) Enlarge the present health insurance scheme to accommodate more Nigerians from all works of life and stratifications.
(C) Promote preventive health care through public awareness, personal hygiene, cleaning of our environment to prevent mosquito habitation.
(D) Work towards the development of clean vaccines for malaria and other common diseases.
(E) Formulate deliberate policies and programmes that will ensure affordability and availability of nutritional food for our population to boost intake of balance diets.

Our target is to turn around our health sector into global health tourist destination in the next 3 years and Create enabling working environment for our Doctors & other Medical health workers to thrive in Nigeria. We also seek to reform our Health care systems to align with global best practices.

The world is getting more efficient and effective at delivering service to those who need it because of improvement in data collation, processing, storage and accessibility. The gains of these technological advancements can be seen in the successes recorded in the combat of Major epidemics ie and diseases globally.
In Nigeria, policies are still based on inadequate data samples (a result of deeply flawed methods of data collection) and thus these policies are bound to fail even before they are executed.

As a party, we will build a viable Information Mismanagement architecture in the Health sector that will aid the collation of accurate data samples from the public. Such data will be carefully processed to discover trends and shape our policies accordingly.

We shall set up laws for institutionalizing financial management competency, public private partnership and universal health insurance coverage in our health sector. There will be proper Coordination and clarity of roles and responsibilities among the different levels of government with regards to Health care provision.

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